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Residential & Commercial HVAC Services
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Expert Air Conditioning Repair in Huntsville

Not only does central air conditioning keep you cool when the mercury rises, it also prevents moisture from taking root in walls that lead to mold and mildew contamination. Air Care Systems in Huntsville has the skills and equipment to handle all types of air conditioner maintenance and repair. The following signs may indicate a need for air conditioning repair at your home or business:

  • A recent, unexplained spike in your power bill
  • Air not blowing cold even though thermostat is set correctly
  • Excessive moisture indoors
  • Strange sounds coming from AC units
  • Odor in the output of your air conditioner

The Importance of a Quality AC Installation

We install cooling systems for residential, commercial and industrial clients. Whether you’re building new or it’s time for a replacement, hire us to ensure that your AC installation is done properly. Some of the benefits that come from a professional central air conditioning installation are:

  • Efficiency. Proper design and sizing of units results in the lowest possible energy costs. We’ll ensure that ductwork is free of leaks and correctly charged with the right amount of refrigerant.
  • Long lifespan. Systems that run well tend to last longer.
  • Comfort. Even cooling comes from attention to flow rates and the locations of diffusers and return air passages.
  • Great indoor air quality. We install systems that filter the outside air and pump in clean breezes that bring constant freshness into your indoor space.
Restaurant Equipment Repair

Keeping Your Cooling Systems Running Smoothly in Athens and Beyond

We’d be happy to provide your home or business with a checkup to troubleshoot issues or recommend service to improve the output of your air conditioner. Furnace repair and same-day emergency service is available for all types of systems. We serve Huntsville, Athens, Decatur, Ardmore, Alabama, and Ardmore, Tennessee. You can reach us at 256-990-9015.

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